4 restaurants in São Paulo

that are over 100 years old

Rafael Tonon

Getty Images, Helena de Castro

In downtown São Paulo, some restaurants have been in business for over a century


When it comes to longevity, statistics are usually against restaurants: in Brazil, for example, 35% of new establishments shut down before completing one year of operation. Can you imagine what it takes to celebrate 100 years in business in this market? The São Paulo scene has a few century-old eateries – mainly thanks to Italian immigrants who gave the city a name when it comes to food.



Italian-born Carlo Cecchini opened the restaurant Carlino in 1881 to serve recipes from his homeland, like rabbit pappardelle, in a rustic and cozy setting. Cantina Capuano, from 1907, also owned by Italian descendants, was the first to adopt a popular style, with generous meal portions and wine, where streamers hang from the ceiling, and musicians sing the tarantella.

Carlino: Rua Epitácio Pessoa, 85 / Cantina Capuano: Rua Conselheiro Carrão, 416


Over the years, these establishments have been visited by illustrious people – Ao Bar Guanabara, for example, has welcomed such personalities as Santos Dumont. Opened in 1910, its menu features native classics , like the “virado à paulista” – made with beans, manioc flour and pork meat –, which is traditionally served on Mondays.

Avenida São João, 128 



A temple for meat eaters, Rei do Filé has been in business since 1914, serving 16 types of dishes, like the parmigiana, which is breaded meat  with tomato sauce and melted cheese. More than just centenarians, these restaurants have also helped to shape the customs of São Paulo residents.

Praça Julio Mesquita, 175 


Old school

El Botín (1725)

Located in Madrid, it’s considered to be the oldest restaurant in the world and serves a famous suckling pig. 


Katz’s Delicatessen (1888)

A Jewish classic, it rose to fame in New York with its pastrami sandwich.