Staying safe at airports: 8 practical tips

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To have a smooth trip, follow a few important tips when traveling and circulating through airports


At airports


  • Be careful with your personal documents: keep them in a safe place and never leave them in public areas.

  • If you’re going to use your mobile device at an airport, look for a more isolated place. This way, strangers won’t see your information.

  • When using public wi-fi networks, don’t access sensitive personal data, bank accounts, shopping websites etc.


Boarding pass


  • Protect your boarding pass.

  • Be careful when posting photos of your boarding pass on social media.

  • When posting photos of your boarding pass on social media and other sites, hide the barcode and the QR code, as well as the e-ticket number, the locator and your personal information. Otherwise, someone might copy your ticket.


After your trip


  • Before discarding your boarding pass, shred all the information, like your name and barcode.

  • Follow the same tips for hotel reservations, tickets to events and attractions and other documents, like passports.