The fantastic artisan chocolate factory in Bariloche


The city, located in Argentine Patagonia, is famous for its sweets. We visited the factory of one of the most popular brands in the region

Skiing, shops, and… chocolate. This is what comes to mind when many travelers think of Bariloche, Argentina. And, when it comes to the cocoa sweet, Mamuschka is one of the most popular brands in the city. Each month, tourists and locals alike devour 3 tons of assorted bonbons and bars produced in an artisan manner — the beans used by the factory are organic, imported from Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador.


At the Mamuschka factory, the chocolate aroma blends with that of walnuts, chestnuts, and other dried fruits that are used to produce the sweets. All the products are gluten-free. The store, located at number 298 on Calle Mitre, in the city center, seems to feature a constant Christmas atmosphere: perhaps because of the red décor, perhaps because of the happiness that chocolate brings. Boxes and cans decorated with matryoshkas, the famous Russian dolls that are nested inside the next largest doll, are the packaging for the items showcased in the oval display window. The coffee shop also serves up sweets made there. A few steps away, on the same street, the brand’s ice cream shop has products made in loco.