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aviation terms that any avgeek should know

Jet Lag

A disorder that’s common among travelers flying long distances, crossing cities with different time zones. Jet lag takes place when your internal clock – which controls your appetite and need for sleep according to the place where you live – struggles to adjust to the time zone at your destination. Fatigue and irritability are common symptoms.

FDR (Flight Data Recorder)

This abbreviation doesn’t say much, but if we mention black boxes, its meaning becomes clearer (even though the boxes are actually orange). It’s a device that records the recent history of the plane and its systems, including speed, altitude, and other parameters during the flight.

Go Around

During the approach procedure for landing, pilots can be faced with unsafe conditions. When this happens, they can make the aircraft climb again (go around) and start over the procedure, making sure that all safety variables are being respected for a perfect landing.


While the airport is where the planes land, the hangars are the houses of aircraft — mega-structures built with the main objective of storing large airplanes of an airline while they’re undergoing maintenance (or to protect them from weather conditions).

EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System)

Inside the plane cockpit, several instruments help the crew to fly. EFIS is a flight deck instrument display system in which the technology used is electronic rather than electromechanical.