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aviation terms that every aviation enthusiast should know

VSI (Vertical Speed Indicator)

Also known as a variometer, it detects the change in air pressure and informs two things to the pilot: if the aircraft is climbing, descending, or if the level is being maintained; and the rate of descent or climb, in feet per minute.


It’s an intense red light that, on certain planes, can be duplicated: one on the top and the other on the bottom. As it is part of the aircraft’s collision avoidance lighting system, it always flashes in regular intervals.


All the services provided at the airports to support airlines. From passenger assistance and baggage handling to the several activities on the runway, like maintenance, cleaning, information on flight operations, catering and passenger transportation.

Baggage Claim

The airport area where passengers can identify and collect their luggage that was transported in the cargo compartment of the plane.


This set of subsystems helps to control several aspects of the flight, including route, altitude, speed, engine power, stability, among other things. In addition, since the pilot doesn’t have to keep their hands on the controls, they can concentrate on navigation and supervise the systems and communications.