5 things that you didn’t know about Boston Airport

Getty Images, Shutterstock, Renné Castrucci

At Boston Logan International Airport, 15 minutes from downtown, you can keep enjoying the city even after checking in



Traveling with kids? Have a pleasurable wait time at the play areas in Terminals A, B, and C. The recently opened space for children’s literature in Terminal C now has a replica of the control tower and climbing structures.


Aligned runways

The airport has six aligned runways with three different directions that are used according to weather and wind conditions


Renowned burgers

Even though Mark Wahlberg (The Departed) is a world-famous actor, in Boston his last name is linked to food: you can try the delicious burgers of Wahlburgers, the family’s restaurant, close to Gate C10, post-security.



Between fish and cobblestones

Take advantage of the proximity to the city and take a ferry or a bus to the New England Aquarium. If you have some extra time, check out the neighborhood of North End as well: its 17th-century architecture and Italian heritage make the tour a delightful lesson in history.


A toast to the nation

Samuel Adams is not just one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. There’s a brewery named after him, which has a great location in Terminal C. If your stop over is long, book a tour of the factory online.