5 Brazilian cities for soccer fans

Leonor Macedo

Getty Images, Angelo Dal Bó, Giselle Galvão / Illustrations: Rômolo D´Hipólito

A guide for soccer lovers who will be following their team in Brazil from June 14 to July 7


Eduardo Galeano might be the one who has best translated South American soccer into words. In his book Soccer in Sun and Shadow, the Uruguayan writer tells a well-known story to those acquainted with the sport. Brought here in ships full of European immigrants in the late 19th century, soccer has arrived on Brazilian shores and proceeded by railway tracks that crisscrossed the continent. Through the railroads, on dusty local soccer fields and meadowy soccer grounds in flourishing cities, the sport has found the perfect place to develop its own style, which had little to do with British sobriety. Over 100 years later, it’s impossible to separate it from the cultural identity of Latin American people. And the football is still an active traveler, carrying along thousands of aficionados who cross the world to cheer for their team and national squad.


This time, Brazil is hosting the new edition of the oldest world team competition. From June 14 to July 7, 10 South American teams and two guest teams will play the tournament in five Brazilian cities. For those who’ll watch the games live, we put together a guide to each of the host cities, highlighting aspects that might not be well known but carry soccer in their soul.



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