Jet-setter of the seas:

the salmon served on LATAM flights

Getty Images, Publicity / Illustration: Leonardo Kayo

After appearing on menus all over the world, salmon is now winning over the taste buds of LATAM passengers


It’s versatile, delicious, and good for your health. Part of Chile’s culinary identity, salmon is one of the ingredients that were selected to be featured on the new LATAM Economy Class menu on flights longer than seven hours. It’s not hard to understand the success of the Chilean salmon industry. From north to south, the country stretches over 2,480 miles [4,000 km] along the Pacific. Introduced in the region in the late 19th century, the fish adapted well to the mild climate of the southern coast. Due to the lack of predators, the number of salmon species has soared there. These days, the country is responsible for one third of the global salmon production, second only to Norway. Among the popular species are the silver salmon and the pink salmon – the latter, a protagonist on our new menu, which always offers three main dish options: local, international, or vegetarian.



Flavor in the air

To include quintessential Chilean recipes, chef Hugo Pantano, one of the people responsible for our new menu, studied different preparation methods. “For one of the dishes, the salmon is marinated in lime and cilantro and then baked on a grill,” he explains. In this version, the fish is served with Andean cereal risotto, cherry tomatoes, and sautéed asparagus. The chef’s tip for anyone who likes the ingredient is to also check out the cold dish options, like the tri-color quinoa salad with smoked salmon, vegetables, tartar sauce, and greens. And the best part: it’s not only offered in Chile, but also on flights departing from Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Auckland, Lima, and Rio de Janeiro. After conquering the seven seas, it’s time for the international salmon to win over the four winds.