The best activities at San Andrés, in Colombia

Victor Gouvêa

A guide to experience the best of this Caribbean island.

Destination: Beach


There’s no lack of wonderful beaches there. The most famous, Spratt Bight, stretches for 1,480 feet [450 m] and is always bustling. Punta Sur is the ideal place to go surfing, and, if you want to relax, head to the peaceful San Luis.


The church/overlook

Even if you don’t like to visit historic monuments when you go to the beach, the Baptist Church of San Andrés is a can’t-miss attraction. From the top of the tower, you can see the whole island and where nature meets the ocean.


Islets and the surroundings


Johnny Cay, also known as sugar island due to its extremely white sands, is 15 minutes away by boat. With any luck, Haynes Cay, a sand bank with crystal-clear waters, will be empty.


Pirates of the Caribbean

Legend has it that pirate Henry Morgan hid his treasure in a cavern – currently known as Morgan’s Cave. It looks like a huge open mouth in the middle of the forest, attracting visitors with its mysteries and natural beauty.


A day at the beach makes you hungry…


Take advantage of the extremely fresh seafood! The menu at La Regatta blends Caribbean creole food with Latin influences in tasty combinations.


Go deep!

Diving at San Andrés is an unforgettable experience. The peaceful waters and good visibility magnify the color of the sponges and sea anemones at Blue Wall, one of the best diving spots there.