Do you know how our in-flight magazine is made?

Illustration: Marcelo Cáceres

Find out the path that the pages of Vamos/LATAM travel before arriving at the airplanes


Editorial agenda


Everyone who works at Vamos/LATAM asks themselves what are the best destinations to be visited according to the season and which themes and practical information about aviation are of interest to our passengers.



At Vamos/LATAM, we investigate the themes and send a team to the selected destinations to explore their streets, hidden corners, beaches and restaurants, to talk to the people, and to film and photograph the local attractions. The goal? To discover the treasures of each place.


Art design

Which cover to pick? How to best show a destination? These are just a few of the questions we ask when it’s time to print (or post on the internet) the most interesting content so that you can plan your next trip.




When the magazine is finished, it’s sent to the printing company, which will produce thousands of copies so that each passenger can read theirs.

Over 265,000 copies are printed each month by seven printing companies and sent to 13 airports to be distributed.


Transportation and distribution

The magazines, with the unmistakable smell of fresh ink and paper, are quickly transported in perfectly sealed boxes to the local airports. This way, they are available to our passengers on the first day of each month.


In your hands

And there’s you, the reason we make a new issue of Vamos/LATAM each month so passionately. Enjoy our magazine on your next trip!