5 facts about LATAM Cargo terminals in Brazil

Illustration: Marcelo Cácere

LATAM Cargo Brazil has over 50 cargo terminals scattered around all Brazilian capital cities



The total area of our cargo terminals corresponds to around nine soccer fields.



Last year, we transported an average of 22 tons [20,000 kg] of freight per month.



In three years, LATAM invested over US$ 30 million to modernize and improve our cargo terminals in Brazil.



São Paulo/Manaus/São Paulo is one of our main routes, operating cargo and passenger planes simultaneously.




Our terminals are prepared to receive all kinds of cargo, from small packages to large volumes.


  • Manaus: Electronic devices

  • Belém: Cosmetics

  • Fortaleza: Fish and fruits

  • Recife: Textile industry

  • Brasília: The main hub in Brazil, connecting the South/Southeast with the North/Northeast

  • São Paulo: Pharmaceutical products and D2D service (Delivery and Pickup)

  • Rio de Janeiro: Pharmaceutical products

  • Curitiba: Auto parts

  • Porto Alegre: Footwear and beer