A guide to go salsa dancing in Cali, Colombia

Roque Moreno

Shutterstock; Getty Images; Fabian Ortiz

In the city, a mecca for salsa dancers, the rhythm is much more than just a form of entertainment

Inside the taxis through the lively streets of Cali, the speakers only play congas, timbals and cowbells. The city of Cali, in the Valle del Cauca, holds a title that’s even stronger than the sound of its rombones: the world capital of salsa.



In the popular Barrio Obrero, for instance, it’s customary to arrive at Nelly Teka to dance in the morning. The same is true in Juanchito, a region on the outskirts of Cali filled with nightclubs that are crowded even on Sunday afternoons, a classic day for Cali residents to go partying. The only museum in the world dedicated to this musical genre is located here. In addition, the World Salsa Festival takes place in Cali every September.



To watch a show, go to...

Delirio. One of the best places to watch a salsa show in the world. The 5-hour spectacle combines cabaret and circus-like elements and involves over 180 artists.

Valle del Paci´fico Centro de Eventos


To dance, go to…

Zaperoco. There’s a live band on Thursdays.

Av. 5N #16-46


To learn, go to…

Swing Latino. It’s the school owned by award-winning dancer Luis Eduardo Herna´ndez, also known as “El Mulato.”

Cra. 31 No. 7-25, El Cedro


A LATAM has direct flights to Cali departing fromBogotá and San Andrés.