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the story of Vitor Liberato

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Santa Catarina native Vitor Liberato was looking for a place to find himself and found many


Feeling out of place is belonging nowhere and everywhere at the same time. This is what Vitor Liberato learned when he quit his job as an advertising agent, sold everything he owned, and left Florianópolis in 2014 to realize his dream of exploring California.


He hasn’t stopped ever since. He’s become a professional traveler, using his knowledge of advertising to document everything on his Instagram page, which currently has over 200,000 followers. Today, in addition to photographing and filming his adventures, he also expresses his love for sports. “Any physical activity is an extra fuel to the soul,” he says, about the combination of travels with such sports as surfing, running, and skateboarding.



Due to one of these experiences, he spent a New Year’s Eve surfing in Pichilemu, Chile – the dark-sand beaches were one of the settings that made him fall in love with Latin America. “Latin blood boils like no other,” he affirms, highlighting the hospitality and affection he usually gets when traveling the continent, whether in the hot Dominican Republic, or the cold Tierra del Fuego.


As such, the kid whose parents have never traveled by plane has been to 27 countries and can be found having gelati in Italy, enjoying the graffiti-covered walls in Miami, or skateboarding in São Paulo. Feeling out of place, he found himself while moving from place to place.


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