Kitchen secrets:

the behind the scenes of the new LATAM menu


Chef Hugo Pantano talks about the creation process of the new menu for LATAM flights longer than seven hours


Every great trip leaves a mark on you. The new LATAM onboard menu incorporated this idea to a T. Now, the meals served in Economy Class on flights longer than seven hours have ingredients from the place of origin. For example, anyone leaving Santiago, Chile, can try smoked salmon with Andean cereals risotto.


This is one of Argentine chef Hugo Pantano’s favorite dishes. Alongside Chilean chef Felipe Arancibia, he conducted the surveys for this new menu. “The idea is to reproduce your experience outside the plane, serving meals that you could try on a night out with friends,” explains Pantano.



“The concept of the menu is based on the possibility of choosing your favorite type of food. We have three options for the main course: an international dish; a local dish, according to the flight’s place of origin; and a vegetarian dish,” says the chef. Whether savoring tortellini with mushroom sauce while leaving Paris or jamón serrano while bidding farewell to Barcelona, each destination will leave a mark. “We took inspiration from the work of our suppliers all over the world and the chefs that offer the best of local cuisines,” he adds.