Unveiling the mysteries of the Nazca Lines in Peru

Simon Plestenjak

In the small town in southern Peru and its surroundings, the exuberance of nature is protected by national reserves and engraved on mysterious lines


The only way to have an idea of the real dimension of the Lines – geometric shapes and fauna and flora drawings etched into the Nazca Desert, located some 250 miles [400 km] south of Lima – is aboard a small plane. Created between 450 and 600 A.D., the mysterious drawings etched by the people for which the city is named compose an itinerary filled with nature and history in the region.


To get there, you need to fly to the Pisco airport, one of the places that offer flights to the archaeological site. For a complete experience, travelers can drive to the city of Nazca, some 125 miles [200 km] away, and enjoy the other attractions in the area. You can even try to spot parts of the Lines on the road that cuts through the desert. There, towers that serve as overlooks help to understand the complex scenery. Other agencies offer aerial tours that depart from the city’s small runway.


LATAM has flights to Pisco from Lima and Cusco.