What the information on your boarding pass is used for?

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To embark on this highly anticipated trip, click on the LATAM Airlines app and download your boarding pass. Do you know why it is so important and what type of information it contains?



  1. Seat number

  2. Airport of origin

  3. Airport of destination

  4. Flight number

  5. Date and time for boarding

  6. Date and time of the flight

  7. Passenger name as informed at the time of reservation

  8. Barcode or QR Code. Used to check your ticket information


Special warnings

Your boarding pass is a document that contains important personal information. As such, take some precautions:



  • Avoid posting photos of your boarding pass on social media.

  • If you’d like to post an image, conceal such data as the barcode, the QR code, your name, frequent flyer number, flight time and number.

  • If you have a paper ticket, keep it with you throughout your flight. Before throwing it away, be sure to tear it up.